Volunteer Jobs

There are 3 categories of volunteer jobs: General, Pit Crew, and Uniform Crew.  Each are described below.  Training is on the job, just sign up and we will help you help the band.  You may sign up for the same job at many events or choose different jobs, any and all help is welcome!

**All volunteers that interact with students are required to be approved by SMCPS through the SMCPS volunteer registry system.  Job Titles that require SMCPS registry are:

  • Chaperones
  • Dresser
  • Fitting Help

It is recommended that all volunteers register.


General volunteer jobs are jobs that don’t fit in the other categories of Pit or Uniform Crew.

  • Water Bottles – This job is required for every Marching Event.
    • There are 18 large water bottles in 3 carriers. They need to be filled with ice and water from the LHS cafeteria (see Mr. Martin for the key) before the event and delivered to the Chaperons (away event) or Pit Crew (home event).
    • At the end of the event, the bottles need to be washed and returned before the next event. This is sometimes a quick turn with a Friday night game and a Saturday competition.
    • Usually requires 2 people due to the weight of the filled bottles but can be done with one.
  • Seat Covers – This job is completed at each home Football Game. This is a one person job and extra adults help out.
    • Report at 5 PM to take the cover in to the stands before they begin to fill.
    • There is a hand truck with a crate of seat covers in the uniform closet that gets wheeled to the football field stands.
    • Seat covers get unrolled on the bleachers to protect the uniforms from dirt then re-rolled after the game and returned to the band room.
  • Chaperones – This job is required for any away event (Marching, or Festival). The BEST way to get to know our great band kids! Like all volunteers, you must be an approved SMCPS volunteer to assist with the students. You don’t have to commit to attend all events so you can come as you are available. The more the better to share the load!
    • Plan to arrive about 30-60 minutes before the busses depart the school and stay with students during competitions.
    • 2 chaperones ride each bus to and from competitions, chaperones are responsible for taking role before the busses depart the school, at every stop (WAWA), and before boarding the bus to return to LHS. For overnights, chaperones also do room checks and tape the doors. (Usually 4 chaperones are required).
    • Ensure that students are able to get to/from the restrooms when arriving at competitions.
    • Assist with uniforms as needed.
    • Carry first aid kits on buses.
    • Provide support for students, assist with comfort items and first aid.
    • Carry water bottles and place them in front of each section while warming up and then on/off the field for performance.
    • Help the pit crew if needed, if not needed on the field, cheer the band on during their performance from the stands!
    • Assist in any way needed.
    • Enjoy performances!
    • Pass out Lunches if/when ordered during competitions.

Pit Crew

Pit Crew jobs are all the jobs associated with moving the band equipment both when at home and away.  There is a lot of camaraderie within this group!  BONUS – you can see competitions for free if you are helping on the competition field!

**These jobs require lifting, pushing, and carrying equipment and props.

  • Trailer Driver – A driver with a vehicle powerful enough to pull and skill to park the trailer full of equipment is needed for each Marching Competition.
    • Trailer is 30 feet long and approximately 10,000 lbs.
    • You will be reimbursed at the government rate for milage and tolls.
  • Pit Crew Start to Finish – This Pit Crew is required for every away Marching Competition, usually 6 people.
    • One of the crew needs know how to drive the 4-wheeler. Training will be provided upon request – see the Pit Crew Lead or a member of the team.
    • Load trailer with instruments, containers, props, and equipment prior to leaving LHS.
    • Unload the trailer at competition.
    • Assist with moving instruments, props, and equipment to and from competition field.
    • Reload the trailer prior to leaving the competition.
    • Unload the trailer upon return to LHS.
  • Pit Crew 30 minutes before and after our band takes the field – This Pit Crew is required for every away Marching Competition, usually 4 people.
    • Assists with setting up and taking down instruments, containers, props, and equipment prior to and after competition.
    • This crew meets at the competition field and assists for the period 30 minutes prior to our band taking the field until 30 minutes (or so) after they leave the field.
    • You may sit in the stands to watch the rest of the competition.
  • Home Pit Crew – This Pit Crew is required for home Football Games and Home Competition, usually 9 people.
    • Arrive 20 minutes prior to the band marching to the field.
    • Assists with setting up and taking down instruments, props, and equipment prior to and after the field show.
    • This includes assistance transporting to and from the field.
    • Admission to the game is free with this position.
  • Prop Building – Each season the team will build props to be used in the competition show. Assistance required depends on the Director’s vision, and is currently TBD.
    • Carpentry and construction skills are useful, but not necessary.
    • Prop construction typically occurs during July and August.

Uniform Crew

Uniform Crew jobs are all associated with all band uniforms, Marching and Festival and very by the time of year.

  • Dresser – Oversee the distribution of uniform bags, assist with hair dos, and trouble shoot uniform issues for Marching events, usually one or two people per event. Sewing skills are not required.  This job is performed at LHS, unless noted on the volunteer sign up form (typically only overnight events like States and Nationals).
    • Assist with hair dos. It is helpful to be able to French braid, but not required.
    • Locate spare uniform parts when missing or broken from the labeled bins in the closet.
    • Trouble shoot missing buttons and hems that come undone with tape and safety pins.
  • Wash Crew – Wash uniforms to keep students smelling fresh and looking sharp. This occurs weekly during Marching Season and after events for Festival.  Wash instructions are on the volunteer sign up website.  Website sign up will have sections to be washed and the volunteer will sign up for a specific section.
    • Take a batch of uniforms to be washed – batches are assigned to be 2-4 loads in a standard washing machine.
    • Wash as per the instructions (cold wash, low dry – Color Guard is delicate wash, line dry).
    • Reassemble to the correct student uniform bag.
    • Return to school prior to next event.
  • Fitting Help – Assist the Uniform Lead with finding correctly fitting uniform components. This task happens for Marching and Festival seasons.  Sewing skills are not required.
    • Pick out sizes.
    • Assemble uniform bags.
    • Label and track uniform numbers to students.
  • Sewing Assistance – Assist with hemming pants and dresses for Marching and Festival uniforms and some garment repair. Sewing skills are required – specifically hemming.
    • Mark hems.
    • Hem pants and dresses.
    • Complete minor garment repairs.

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