Symphonic Band


Symphonic Band is a performing ensemble consisting of woodwind, brass and percussion instruments.  Rehearsals occur every day during the school year.  The band performs three concerts each year (one in December, one in May and one in June).  The pieces performed will include popular and classical works from diverse genres selected to expose students to a wide variety of musical types and examples of quality ensemble music.  All pieces will have goals aimed at teaching/learning core objectives and entertaining.  As a higher level ensemble, students will be challenged with higher level music which may take some outside rehearsal practice time to be ready for performance.  This is the student’s responsibility to prepare their individual parts.  Students will also be challenged with higher level thinking and evaluation.  Lesson materials will be selected and assigned to provide the students with increasing capabilities on their instruments.  This ensemble is made up primarily of 10-12 grade students.  Placement in this ensemble in 9th grade is available through an audition with Mr. Martin.