Jazz Ensemble


Jazz Ensemble is a performing ensemble consisting of saxophones (alto, tenor, bari), trombones, trumpets, percussion (piano, drums), guitar and bass.  Rehearsals occur every day during the school year.  The band performs three concerts during the school year (one in October, one in December and one in May).  We also play at community events such as the Wildewood Retirement Community and the Naval Air Station during the holidays.  The pieces performed will include works from diverse jazz genres selected to expose students to a wide variety of different jazz styles and techniques.  All pieces will have goals aimed at teaching/learning core objectives and entertaining.  Students will get a basic understanding of jazz history and techniques as well as become familiar with important jazz musicians and composers.  Music will be selected based on the ensemble talent level and other curricular goals.  Students will be given materials and skills needed to improve their musicianship and improvisation skills.  Jazz Ensemble is open to all students in grades 9-12.  If there is a high demand for placement in Jazz Ensemble, an audition process may be used.