Successful Bingo Fundraiser

The Leonardtown Band Boosters held its annual Bingo Fundraiser last night and it was a huge success.  We had around 120 participants this year and preliminary numbers indicate a profit of ~$3000.

Without the help of volunteers, this would not be possible.

Mr. Martin:  Thank you for enabling the Jazz Band to perform at this event.
Jazz Band:  Thank you for taking the time out of your weekend to come perform at this event.
Theresa Wolt:  Thank you for signing up to be the coordinator for this event, taking on an erroneous responsibly,  and executing it to perfection.
Pete Wolt:  Thank you for helping wherever needed…not just last night but I’m sure over the last several months since Theresa agreed to be the coordinator
Pam Lange:  Thank you for helping Theresa with planning of the event and for providing Bingo Game Support.
Kris Melton:  Thank you for bringing the Band Trailer to the event (we had at least one sponsor in attendance who noticed)
Anna Webster, Julia Webster, Maria Webster, Paul Ragard: Thank you for helping with the set up.
Lisa Hegedus, Sydney Hagensick, Samuel Katulich:  Thank you for helping with admissions.
Ben Carigg, Emma Carrigg, Pete Wolt:  Thank you for helping with the Raffle Table.
Keri & Kaleigh Butler:  Thank you for being co-Master of Ceremonies for this event.
John Marino:  Thank you for providing Bingo Game Support
Taylor Wolt, Macy Butler, Alexis Paul, Nancy Paul, Jessica Lynch:  Thank you for helping with concessions
Oliva Wolt:  Thank you for modeling the baskets and delivering them to the winners.
Corrine Marino, John Marino, Paige Marino, Kris Melton, Pete Wolt, Taylor Wolt, Alexis Paul, all the band kids who stuck around after the event:  Thank you for helping with set up and clean up.

Additionally, thank you to all those who brought desserts.

Without the dedication all of you have to this band, we would not have been successful and this fundraiser.  Your efforts are truly appreciated.

Thanks again for supporting the band.

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