Call for 2019-2020 Board Member Nominations

As the Leonardtown High School Band Boosters enters its 20th year of operation starting on 1 July 2019, the Boosters are looking for Board Members to continue to support the Leonardtown High School Band. Being a Board Member provides a unique leadership opportunity, to put your talents in strategic thinking, financial forecasting, fundraising, or project management to practical use. The Booster organization encourages, promotes, and maintains a volunteer booster organization for the purpose of providing financial assistance, support and spontaneous service to the Leonardtown High School Band Program. Please attend the Booster Meeting on Tuesday April 2nd if you are interested and would like to be nominated to the Board.

The Bylaws provide details of Booster membership requirements and a job description for each position. Below are highlights of the job description:

• Serves as official spokesperson for the Leonardtown High School Band Boosters.
• Chairs all meetings of the General Assembly and the Executive Board.
• Appoint Chairpersons for all Standing and/or Special Committees.
• Determine the time and place of all Booster Member meetings.
• Prepare the agenda for all Booster Member meetings.
• Has secondary signature authority for banking/check writing unless there is a conflict as described in the Treasurer duties.
• Perform all duties associated with the office.

Vice President
• Assume the duties and responsibilities of the President, as directed.
• Aid the President in fulfilling the duties and responsibilities.
• Coordinate Fund Raising efforts, as appropriate.
• Perform all duties associated with the office.

Recording Secretary
• Record accurate minutes of all meetings of the General Assembly and of the Executive Board.
• Present the previous month’s minutes to the General Assembly or the Executive Board, at their monthly meeting respectively.
• Keep a copy of all official records either on a computer disk or on paper, but readily accessible, for two years.
• Maintain the band letterhead and distribute to members as needed.
• Assume the duties of Corresponding Secretary during his/her absence.
• Any correspondence/decisions of the Executive board conducted ad hoc between meeting will be recorded in the subsequent months’ minutes.
• Ensure the Webmaster/Social Media coordinator updates the Leonardtown High School Band webpage and other Leonardtown Band social media sites in a timely manner, including but not limited to calendar updates, news items, fundraising events, etc.
• Perform all duties associated with the office.

Corresponding Secretary
• Be responsible for all correspondence related to money, Leonardtown High School Band Booster certificates and any correspondence assigned by the Executive Board.
• Update the Leonardtown High School Band website and calendar as required by the Executive Board.
• Keep copies of all documents either on a computer disk or on paper to be given to and filed in the official Corresponding Secretary’s record book.
• Assume the duties of Recording Secretary during his/her absence.
• Perform all duties associated with the office.

• Set up and maintain two bank accounts to be used for the general operations of the Leonardtown High School Band Boosters.
• Receive and record all funds including Square account.
• Keep an accurate, up-to-date record of all receipts and disbursements
• Reconcile all bank accounts at the minimum, on a monthly basis as bank statements are received.
• Disburse funds as approved by the annual budget.
• Present current financial reports at Booster Member meetings.
• Supply money for change for events as requested by committee chairperson, provided notification is one week prior to scheduled event.
• Authorize the payment of invoices/bills equal to or less than the annual approved budget lines, providing sufficient funds are available.
• Schedule and support the annual audit of books to be performed prior to July 1 turnover.
• File for tax-exempt status per IRS regulations (currently Form 990-N is due every year by the 15th day of the 5th month after the close of the tax year).
• File Maryland Personal Property taxes annually by April 15 and any other filings as required by law. If the Treasurer is not able to perform these duties, the Executive Board member with secondary checking/banking responsibility would assume these duties.

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